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Un blasfemo

Da quando sono nato fino alla mia morte sarò alleato solo di me stesso

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[tutor hitman reborn fanfic] You know Lambo... - 2 chapter-
dragon trainer
Chapter 2

Everything seemed amiss in Tsuna’s opinion, he couldn’t just get why though. Maybe it was because Gokudera wasn’t shouting to anyone, or maybe because Reborn hadn’t shot a single bullet yet, like something was missing … No, the hell, it wasn’t something but someone who was missing, it had been 2 days since he last saw any trace of Lambo. If it had been someone else, he wouldn’t have worried for a 2-day absence, but since it was Lambo, it was totally unusual. In fact, the teen would come everyday, dawdling in his office, then bickering with Gokudera and ending up almost killed by Reborn or Bianchi, if she was present( it seemed she hadn’t understood yet he wasn’t Romeo.) So Tsuna was growing worried and restless by the minute. What if something happened to him? What if he had run into trouble?
‘Hey Gokudera-kun, did you happen to see Lambo these days? I haven’t seen him in a while, and that’s strange.’ Tsuna inquired hopingly.
‘No, I haven’t. And this make me incredibly happy, don’t you think today’s really a bright day?’ Gokudera seemed to be on top of the world, if the grin on is face was any evidence of it.
Jeez, I’m worried sick, Tsuna was thinking when he caught the smirk on Reborn’s face. No I was wrong, I’m not just worried, I’m in despair. Whenever his tutor did like this, trouble would ensue.
Where are you Lambo?

Lambo was feeling down in the dumps, he simply spent the rest of the day wandering in a state a shock around the city. He felt sad and disappointed, disappointed because the ones he loved, the ones he thought were his friends thought he was nothing but a useless stupid brat. Surely they would even be happier if he disappeared. He let out a sob; it’s true, he was a crybaby, but it’s not like he could help it, he really tried very hard not to cry, he simply couldn’t. Before he knew, tears just started streaming down his face, were it for sadness, pain or fear. Even now tears were blurring his vision, but it was different from usual. In fact, usually crying made him feel better, it was a way to let it all out; shedding a few tears was enough and he was back to his feet, boisterous and noisy again. Not now, he had been crying since he left the mansion, hours before, and still hadn’t stopped. He felt betrayed, refused, even surprised, cause he didn’t expect it and he didn’t know what he should do. Should he keep feigning ignorance and behave like his usual self? He didn’t think he could do it. But it’s not like he could just run away, he had nowhere to go after all.
Without realizing it he had reached the river banks and almost fell down in the running water. It was only by chance he managed to regain his balance. After making sure he didn’t risk having a bath in the not so clean waters, he sit down watching the bewitching stream.
He was so absorbed he didn’t see someone approaching behind his back, until he felt a hand rest on his shoulder. It startled him so much that he jumped to his feet.
‘Hey Lambo, are you alright? What the hell are you doing here?’
Lambo gave a sigh of relief, since he recognized the guy to be no-one but Dino. The older boy was looking at him with a kind smile, worry clearly visible in his eyes. He must have looked really bad right now, the teen guessed.
‘Uh nothing, just walking…uhg-uh walking and… I don’t know… I just jus- uehhh.’ The younger boy tried his best to keep his composure but he failed, and just burst into tears.
Dino stepped forward and made a move to hug the boy sympathetically, unluckily he hadn’t consider how risky it was standing beside a river when his followers weren’t around. It took him a few second to understand he was immerged to the waist into the water and to poor Lambo’s bad luck it took him even more to notice he was sitting on top of the teen, now on the verge of drowning.

A failed attempt at mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, that ended in his forehead hitting the other’s, and some curses after, the two were sitting down, as far away from the river as possible, under Lambo’s suggestion.
‘So that’s what happened. I understand you’re upset, but I’m sure they didn’t really meant it.’ Dino tried to soothe him, all the while patting him on the head.
‘I don’t think so.’ The teen was pouting. He knew Dino didn’t really believed his words, he was just speaking them out of sympathy. ‘I just wish I could prove them wrong, I wish I became such a great hitman they had to take back their words.’
Dino stared at him with a surprised look on his face, which soon turned into a gentle smile. Maybe the boy was growing after all.
‘Why not? I think you should do that.’ Dino said with a confident smile.
‘Eh?? Are you joking? You know the matter at hand is exactly that I’m utterly useless. It’s not like I could change so suddenly. Beside there’d be no one willing to tutor me. Tsuna tried getting me a tutor a few times, but they all gave up, saying I was hopeless.’ Lambo sounded more and more disheartened.
Dino was taken aback by this, he remembered Tsuna bringing this up sometimes, but he thought he was simply exaggerating. However, he immediately recomposed himself.
‘So? That just means that maybe you’re not the type for tutor. You’ll do it in your own.’ Lambo simply stared at him with wide eyes, he knew this was going to lead him to trouble, but the bitterness from before just couldn’t be dismissed. After all, it may be worth giving it a try.

---- --- --- ---

Lambo could feel trickles of sweat running down his back and the side of his face, tangles of hair stuck to his cheeks. If he was practically sweating like a pig( as an Italian would put it), it wasn’t only due to the weather, but most of all to the building tension and fear. He replayed his conversation with Dino over and over in his mind. The more he thought about it, the more he thought it was a foolish idea. But here he was, standing behind a corner, waiting for the Mafioso Dino had asked him to take care of.
However, as to prevent him to take his time to change his mind and go back home, his target left the restaurant and started moving. The teen didn’t have time to reflect anymore, and simply followed the urge that had driven his actions since yesterday and made him end up here, putting Dino’s idiotic plan into action. He craftily started following the man, whose appearance didn’t help Lambo feeling easy in his mind. In fact, the Mafioso was tall and muscled, like one of the wrestlers he sometimes watched on TV with I-pin and he wore a grim expression, that fit his spiky features very well. His common sense was advising him against facing such an opponent, and until yesterday that’s what he would have done without a second thought, but today the bitterness from his friends’ comments was still to freshly and vividly impressed in his mind and he didn’t run away.
Dino’s words in his mind replayed for the hundredth time that day.
I actually think you’re pretty strong when you want to, well maybe not you, but your flames are strong. Once when you were frightened and used them without thinking, you did a hell of a mess, almost destroyed the whole place. So I think your bigger problem is that your are scaredy cat .
‘Wait that’s not…’ Lambo tried replying. ‘Oh come on, I’m not saying this to bring you down, I’m here admitting you’ve got a hell of a potential. But I must be honest, you’re like the greatest coward I’ve ever seen in my life. Maybe it’s because you got beaten up so many times when you were a child, that your growth has been compromised and’ ‘Okay okay I got it, stop it now please. I got your point, but I’d rather you didn’t contribute to destroying my self-esteem since I think I’ve got enough for a while.’…
‘Hmm yes, so what I’m getting at is that you need to work on improving your courage. Just go and face your enemy head on.’ Dino’s face was lit with excitement as he was speaking, and so Lambo thought better than to stand at a certain distance, so that he could avoid being dragged in one of Cavallone’s frequent accident.
He swallowed and made a step forward, as Dino suggested he would make himself known to the enemy and be bold.
‘So you’re one of the Scannatori’s family. So it was true that looking like a baboon’s bottom is a requirement to enter your family.’ As soon as he saw the other’s face contorting with anger, Lambo regretted his words; maybe he had really overdid it, Dino said to be bold, not to dip his own grave by mocking his enemy. The man though didn’t seem like he would accept an excuse, unless it was presented along with Lambo’s head on a silver plate; so the vongola’s guardian’s only way to get out of this shit alive was fighting. Without a second to spare he attached the horns to his head and summoned his lightning flames.
‘ Cornata elettrica.’ He shouted. Unluckily, while the flames had been strong the moment he released them, they had weakened to the point when he hit the enemy, he only scratched him. He couldn’t even regain his balance to charge again, that he was shoved to a side and kicked in the stomach. This wasn’t definitely going well for him.

He thought he was done for this time, but he had survived. He acknowledged he wasn’t in heaven, or hell as it may be, but on earth when he felt something dripping on his face. However, he didn’t even have the time to rejoice for the fact he was alive that he was cursing under his breath as the dripping he was feeling wasn’t water as he first thought, but the pee of a fucking dog who had taken him for a part of the scenery. How gross. He tried raising a hand to shove the animal away, but it sent a jolt of pain all over his body. It seemed he was alive, but not unscratched, not that he had hoped for that. After being showered with all the dog’s disgusting pee, which was a lot too, Lambo managed to stand on his feet, even though he went through excruciating pain in the process. He could walk somehow, but he obviously couldn’t go back home since he couldn’t explain this to Tsuna or the other guardian, plus he still didn’t feel like seeing them again. So he did the only possible thing in that case, retrieved his cell phone from his pocket hoping it hadn’t broken. He gave a sigh of relief, it wasn’t and dealt a number.
‘I-pin, it’s me. I need help, can you come picking me up? No, don’t worry, I’m okay. No I don’t want you to call Tsuna, keep all the family out of this. Yes in fact, I don’t wanna go home, please take me to your place, I don’t think Fong will be against it.’ He waited a moment, holding his breath. ‘Oh thanks. Right now I’m in the park near the fortress, on the railway station side.’
His voice was feeble and thick, sure as hell his friend had noticed, that’s why she had been so alarmed. The sensible part of him was saying this was clear evidence he couldn’t change himself and that he had to give up and just go on the same as always. That he couldn’t do. This beating just summed up to the rage he was feeling inside, and ignited him more than anything. Like hell he was going to give up, he would get stronger even if it cost his life.

--- --- ---

The following morning, when he woke up, Lambo felt like a shit, it was even worse than when he was 14 and got unbelievably drunk for the first time. His limbs felt numb at first, but as soon as he moved a searing pain engulfed him, leaving him out of breath. However, he didn’t give up, but rolled on the bed until he was on the edge and slowly positioned one of his leg on the carpet. When he was stable enough not to fell down on the cold floor, he put the other leg down and tried to rise from his sitting position. After all, it was way better than he had thought, he felt pain and was a bit sick, but he could stand up rather easily and even walking didn’t cause him any particular problem. Maybe he was tougher than he reckoned.
He guessed it was around midday, since he could see the sun high in the sky from his window. Plus he could smell dumplings. He already meant to go downstairs, and his growling stomach just urged him to be quirkier.
When he entered the room, he spotted Fong fiddling with the frying pan. It wasn’t the first time Lambo came here, since he often dropped by to tease I-pin or simply say hello. Well maybe ‘often’ wasn’t the right word, as he came on a daily basis. However, I-pin was extremely busy, so it happened not to find her there. When it happened, he often whiled away engaging conversations with her master. As a matter of fact, Fong was a pleasant guy, patient and kind; he never kicked Lambo out . What’s more, the place was lovely, with the fragrance of Chinese cooking lingering in the air. And Lambo loved Chinese cooking.
That morning too I-pin was gone and Lambo was alone with the arcobaleno.
‘ You don’t look very well, Lambo. What happened? Have you got yourself into trouble?’ Fong turned to face him.
‘ Well, no no, no need to worry. But I really need your help, I don’t really know who else to ask.’ The teen looked determined, he had already decided he was going to ask Fong’s help, with the hope his advice would be wiser than Dino’s.
‘I wanna show my family I deserve the title of guardian. I want to get stronger and show them it’s not true I’m a good for nothing.’ The other man smiled kindly when he heard this, but couldn’t help shaking his head in disagreement.
‘Lambo I cannot possibly teach you anything in such a short time. And I can gather you want result in a short time from your body condition. Rushing into fights won’t do you any good. Besides, I’m afraid you’re not too suitable for martial arts.’
‘I know this, I’m not asking for a miracle.’ Well actually he hoped for one, but never mind. ‘But I need this badly, so any help is welcomed. Isn’t there anything I can do?’ Lambo didn’t like very much sounding so desperate, it ruined the impression of coolness he worked so hard to build. All because girls loved it.
‘Well if you put it that way, maybe there is something.’

Differently from Dino’s plan, Fong’s one had a semblance of sense to it. So when he set off to take it into action, he was quite sure of himself. The plan consisted in hiding himself in a place where he couldn’t be seen, but at a distance that would allow him to hit his target when the time came. Basically, his strategy consisted in remaining hidden, while concentrating and evoking his flames. When he was ready, and only when ready, he was going to launch his attack.
Unluckily, it’s true that not all the doughnuts came with a hole, but it seemed like any of Lambo’s doughnuts never got a fucking hole: he managed to gather enough flames but then trampled and fell from the branch he was sitting on. No need to say what they did to him, when he was found out.
This time as well he made it out alive, but not safe and sound. He was so battered, it looked like a herd of buffalos run him over.
All in all, one would think any sane man with the slightest sense of self-preservation would give up by now, but not Lambo. In that, one must admit he was determined.
That night, he relentlessly moved from one side of his bedroom to the other, unable to get to sleep. He racked his mind, but no matter how he struggled, there was only one person left that could help him and would agree to do so. The teen didn’t relish the prospect though, after all the record was not good. Had he had any alternative, he would have gone for it. But as the night passed he was left with no other choices, he had to give it a try.

--- --- ---

‘So uhmm that’s it basically, can you help me?’ Lambo finished his explanation and swallowed, all the while keeping at distance from the other man.
‘Why not? I could even do it. But there’s a price, obviously.’ The other man readjusted his spectacles on his nose.
‘Uhm do you mean I should let you do experiments to me?’ Lambo was starting to squirm, he didn’t feel at all at ease. But he had to do this and was even willing to let him do weird experiment to him.
‘That’s a given, but it isn’t sufficient. You should please me, you know what I mean.’ The man said while getting dangerously near, letting his hand wandering down Lambo’s back.
‘Ehm I don’t think I get it.’ The teen replied, his voice quivering.
‘I mean you should let me fuck you, to be brief.’ The words were accompanied by the arcobaleno’s hand gripping his ass.
Lambo jumped back, using his arms to push the man back and keep him at safe distance, disquiet clear on his face. ‘ What the hell are you talking about Verde? I’m a man, you know, a man. Men don’t fuck other men.’
Verde just sighed, like he was stating the obvious. ‘Oh come on, men actually fuck other man, especially in the vongola it seems. Beside with that tasty ass you have there you won’t be able to escape it for long.’ An evil grin appeared on his face and catching the younger guy off guard he managed to position his hand on his crotch. ‘You’ll like it, don’t worry.’
Lambo’s mind was hazy, he was getting scared and didn’t know what to do. In a desperate attempt to escape the man he released a lightning, that hit him perfectly. Jeez why couldn’t he always do it right like now ? Anyway, as the arcobaleno was already getting back to his feet, he made a run for it.
While he was going back home, his face red, his heartbeat quickened, he replayed the scene in his mind. How could two men have sex? He was shocked, well even petrified. He obviously hadn’t liked it one bit, he hated Verde, he tried to kill him when he was a kid. But he couldn’t deny he felt something. The only idea of letting Verde touch him again gave him goosebumps, but the idea of a man touching him in itself didn’t disgust him. He was far too confused for words. He decided as soon as he got home, he would search the internet.