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Un blasfemo

Da quando sono nato fino alla mia morte sarò alleato solo di me stesso

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[tutor hitman reborn fanfic] You know Lambo...- 1 chapter-
dragon trainer
Hi^^ I hope you like it and enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writint it. I don’t when this story finishes, but I’ll go on writing no matter what. Forgive some errors there might be, since I’m not a native speaker. Please comment, you’ll make me super happy and motivate me to write XD

‘You know Lambo, I really think you should be a little bit more helpful.’
‘What are you talking about I-pin? I’m extremely helpful, I’m the most helpful person in the whole planet.’
The two teens were animatedly discussing while sitting on a bench, in a park not far away from the base, during one of I-pin’s rare breaks.
‘I really don’t want to hurt you, Lambo, but you need to face up to reality… as one of the guardians you’re completely useless. The only time you gave a good account of yourself was when the 20-year-old-later you showed up, and I even missed it.’ She sighed.
‘That’s not true! Everybody say that I’m a great deal better now.’ Lambo replied smiling.
‘Well, you see …it’s just because you’re not as obnoxious as when you were a child and don’t annoy people all the time. Anyway the fact they can stand you now doesn’t mean they respect you. Gokudera’s saying all the time you’re a fail as a hitman, and Tsuna only smile that forced smile of his, you know … the one he puts up when he’s uncomfortable, cause he can’t deny something. They never entrusted you a mission till now, not even one; even I got a couple of missions, and I’m not even a member of the family. What I’m getting at is that they see you as a child, they don’t rely on you, it’s as if Vongola’s guardians are five, not six. How can’t you realize this much? If I’m telling you this, it’s because we’re friends and I actually think you can do better than this , if only you could stop acting like a total stupid or a coward.’ I-pin finished his monologue almost out of breath. During her speech she had stood up and was now holding her fists in front of Lambo, cheeks reddened . She really couldn’t bear Lambo’s attitude, how could he be so stupid, she didn’t want him to be looked down on, after all even though he was a jerk, he was still her best friend.
‘I-pin…’ Lambo couldn’t utter the rest because I-pin suddenly realized she was running late for kawahira’s deliveries and so left without giving him the chance to say anything more.

Going back home Lambo thought about it over and over again. I-pin’s words were stuck in his mind and he simply couldn’t get rid of them. He didn’t understand why though, he was pretty positive, no hell he was sure he wasn’t a burden to the others, that they didn’t think he was one. However, a little voice cast a doubt on his certainties , a voice maybe coming from within himself, but that suspiciously sounded like Reborn’s. Geez if he hated Reborn, well maybe not, but Reborn hated him, and so wasn’t it only fair to hate him back in return?
He was so absorbed in his inner debate that he didn’t notice he had already arrived at the base and bumped right into the massive wooden door.
‘It hurts… hurts… tolerate’ but it was no use as he immediately burst out crying. He knew that wasn’t exactly honorable but he couldn’t help it, it hurt so much.
‘Yoh Lambo, what are you doing on the ground?’
Lambo looked up to meet Yamamoto’s eyes, who was watching him half-amused and half-puzzled.
‘Just got into a little accident, nothing serious of course, I was just… I was just… well you know… ehm.’ Lambo started stumbling on his words, he didn’t want to admit he had just crashed into the door, cause from any perspectives you looked at it, it would seem just silly; although, of course,it wasn’t at all, geez it could happen to anybody, right …?
‘Ah ah ah yes, uhm don’t worry. Where were you going anyway?’ Yamamoto had kept smiling that happy smile of his since the very moment he run into Lambo. Actually, it would be righter to say he always wore that smile, all day long, seven days a week, twelve months a year, and it sometimes totally freaked him out: how could someone be always so high-spirited? He didn’t get him.
‘Uhm just going to my room, I’m a bit tired.’ Was the answer the younger guy gave him while he dusted himself off.
‘I see, well bye.’
It was an ordinary conversation, nothing different than usual, but Lambo, still influenced by I-pin’s words, couldn’t help but think there was an I-expected-it sound in the other’s voice, as if he didn’t expect Lambo to do anything but playing around. Maybe, just maybe be aware, what I-pin said wasn’t all that foolish.

So, after racking his mind for more than two hours, an extremely rare thing, since Lambo didn’t find it worth spending his time reflecting, he came up with an awesome plan, or at least that’s what he thought. Said plan he put so much effort into developing consisted in sneakily and craftily eavesdropping on the others’ conversations, so as to know how they actually saw him.
He immediately discarded the idea of following Hibari or Mukuro, both because he still didn’t want to die and because he didn’t need to do such a thing to know their opinions of him, they never missed a chance to remind him how fucking unneeded and incompetent he was.
All this considered, he made up his mind to start with Tsuna. After all, Tsuna had always looked after him, he was sure he considered him an irreplaceable member of his team.

Tsuna was in his office, from outside the door he could see him walking back and forth from his desk to the window, only stopping briefly to answer his storm guardian, who stood still, arms crossed in front of him.
‘Jeez, this is bad, such a big issue shows up and we don’t have anyone to deal with it. How is it even possible?’ he sounded really nervous and also annoyed, it was kind of rare to see him like this.
‘I’m really sorry tenth, but I and Yamamoto have to set off for Russia for a mission, Mukuro and Hibari are away, Ryohei is suffering from diarrhea, tse that lawn-head, and Colonnello and Reborn refused to have anything to do with it. The only one left is Lambo.’ He said in a voice which implied that only Lambo being who he was crossed him off the list.
‘I know Lambo is a guardian, but I can’t make him fight. I mean, every time he’s involved in battle or anything of the sort, the most likely outcomes are flee or hospitalization, which just to point out is not free. He’s too weak, I wonder why my father chose him, he’s not suited for this world. He’d be better off leading a normal high school life.’ The best word to describe Tsuna in this moment would be ‘disheartened’, he let out a deep sigh and collapsed into the armchair.
‘ That’s what I’ve always tried to convince you all about, Tenth. I’ve been sure the stupid cow wasn’t good enough from the word go. Not that I blame your father in any way, it’s just that the noisy brat isn’t a little bit reliable. If we had done as I said from the beginning and discarded him, now we’d have a true and trustworthy thunder guardian, not an excuse for one.’ Gokudera blurted out.
‘Come on Gokudera-kun, there’s no need to be so mean, Lambo is still a child, he just needs to grow up, I’m sure he’ll make a wonderful guardian.’
However, Lambo never heard the young Vongola’s words, because he left much before. He couldn’t believe his ears, it was true he wasn’t exactly dependable, but going to such lengths as to call him an excuse for a guardian… it wasn’t Gokudera’s words what made Lambo upset though, it was what Tsuna had said. As a matter of fact, Lambo knew Gokudera didn’t actually think good of him and he wasn’t surprised in hearing that, but he wouldn’t ever imagine, neither in his wildest dreams, that Tsuna, who raised him, that was almost like a brother to him, would rather not have him in the family… that hurt, hurt like hell.
Despite this, Lambo was either stubborn or in denial, or both, and didn’t give up his plan. Surely there had to be someone who appreciated him and thought he was useful, maybe Yamamoto, Haru, Ryohei or Colonnello.
So he continued stalking everyone all day long, but fruitlessly. Haru thought he had turned into a pervert, Ryohei’s mind was that he was the farthest thing from the extreme concept to the extreme and Yamamoto openly said he wouldn’t go on a mission with Lambo, unless said mission’s objective was buying candies to the nearest shop.
All could be said about Lambo except that he was touchy. After all, he had been offended so many times, he would have committed suicide by now if he was. Anyway, no matter how strong you can be, after hearing such bitter words from the people he cared for the most, Lambo couldn’t help but feel sad, hurt and betrayed. They could have told him earlier, spoke their mind straight to him, even if it didn’t cross his mind that maybe they actually did, he just didn’t notice.
The only thing he wanted right now was to go bury himself in his bed, forgetting about that day. But in the end, for some reason he couldn’t explain he decided to make one last try and go spying on Colonnello. For how strange it might seem, Colonnello was a close friend of Lambo. He hanged out with him, badmouthed Reborn with him and even provided a shoulder to cry on. At first, Lambo was just puzzled, why would one of the unbelievably strong and awesome arcobaleno bother with him? But after some time, he just adjusted to the surprise and didn’t ask himself any more questions… if he wanted so much to be his friend, who was Lambo to say no?
Consequently, that infamous day Lambo assumed Colonnello would soothe him. What he didn’t expect was finding him with Reborn of all people.
‘Don’t you have anyone else to bother, kora?’ There they were, bickering like little kids, even if they weren’t little anymore.
‘Tze, as if I’d go out of my way to have anything to do with you, I obviously run into you by chance to my great displeasure.’ The look on Reborn’s eyes was conceived and defying as always, but the teen couldn’t help but take notice the relations between the two arcobaleno had been worsening by the minute from some time onward.
‘So are you going to go on that ridiculous mission tomorrow? I guess you’re the only one left to do it, plus it suits you kora.’ Colonnello said and immediately butted Reborn’s forehead, which was a given at a point in their disputes.
‘Of course not, the stupid cow can go, that mission’s so stupid even he can do it.’ Reborn said smirking.
‘As if, kora! You know better than anyone else he always makes a mess when it comes to fighting or missions.’ He replied. Lambo started feeling a stinging pain in his chest, that wasn’t the worst thing he had heard that day, but for a reason he couldn’t fathom it hurt him the most, to a point he wasn’t able to stand properly.
‘Oh and I thought you had a better opinion of him, seeing you all friendly.’ The sarcasm in Reborn voice was cutting.
‘That doesn’t have anything to do with it, it’s for a complete different reason, kora.’ He replied, both tense and annoyed.
‘Ah maybe I get it, it’s because of his looks, isn’t it? After all, it’s the only good thing about him.’
Lambo just fled, he couldn’t stand it anymore. His pride was scattered, but it wasn’t just that, deeper down something hurt like hell, soon tears blurred his vision.
Reborn watched him running away with a smile plastered on his face; if Colonnello was so dumb that he didn’t spot the stupid cow, he couldn’t complain whatever would happen.

‘Obviously this is one of the reason, nobody can remain unmoved by such a cute face and a sexy butt, kora. Anyway, it’s not just that, I like him because he’s cheerful and lighthearted, it makes you feel better just to be around him. I also like him because he’s simple and honest, even because he’s stupid. Well sometimes I feel like strangling him, but on the whole I definitely like him, kora.’ He said with an earnest face.
Reborn frowned, how could he say such disgusting things? He couldn’t stand this two stupids. He was just lucky the cow hadn’t stayed to hear this or he’d be witnessing the love scene of the century by now.